Announcing ShopAR

Announcing ShopAR - AR and 3D Commerce at unmatched scale

26 October 2023

A Bit of History

Over the last 5 years DeepAR has built an amazing AR platform and SDK. We have helped 40,234 developers, and 622 businesses to deliver amazing face and body centric Augmented Reality experiences with some of the most amazing 3D assets.  

Part of that journey focused on AR Try-on and 3D Asset visualisation for more than 200 projects - essentially focused on footwear try-on, glasses try-on and wrist try-on for watches and jewellery. While there were many successful projects here, there was consistent feedback - it’s too complex, it's too costly … we really want an end-to-end solution.

It was too complex for clients to source and develop their own 3D models, it was tricky for them to make those 3D models AR-ready, it was complex to optimise performance.

So over the last 9 months we built an industry leading platform that outperforms every other AR and 3D platform out there. Welcome ShopAR!

ShopAR: One platform for 3D + AR Commerce

One Platform for AR & 3D commerce

3D model creation

We combine a series of techniques to create the best ultraHD 3D models on the market - whether it is with human modelling and AI, scanning or optimization of CAD / Design Models. We have a throughput of around 10,000 3D models per month - perfect quality guaranteed - and SKU specific. We have delivered thousands of models for some of the most demanding brands and etailers around the world. Now, we have scanners in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York and now in India.

Additionally, we are working with partners who are building, generating and scanning their own 3D assets – which we are adding to our ever-growing 3D, SKU-specific asset database.

Not to be forgotten - we have a dedicated team just on 3D asset optimisation; this is not just about file size - it’s about optimising everything around the textures, 3D models, meshes and rendering tech to make 3D assets load as fast as possible (under 1 sec) and still have incredible lifelike detail. 

ShopAR 3D scanning partner

Automatically AR-Ready

The ShopAR platform allows the automatic generation of AR-ready models from GLB files (or any other 3D format for that matter). This used to be a manual process via the DeepAR Studio, but with the help of a number of leading brands (and our killer engineering team) we have automated this process entirely. This incredible engineering task was a necessity to enable our AR and 3D Commerce Platform to operate at a massive enterprise scale.

Try our our AR Shoe Try-on collection and our AR Glasses Try-on Collection.

3D and AR Content Management System (CMS)

Once you log into (reach out to us for a demo and access), you can log in and manage all your 3D and AR assets. You can do everything from search our growing 3D asset database, to commission new assets and even upload your own.

From there you can organise, publish and manage your integration via a blistering fast and modern user interface.

ShopAR Interface

3D and AR Asset Library

We have invested a huge amount of time and effort in building a SKU-specific huge library of assets. Currently we count over 10,000 amazing ultraHD assets that you can select from. Our mission is to make it simpler, faster and cheaper for any e-commerce business to add AR and 3D to their site and PDPs (Product Detail Pages). Just get in touch with us with a list of the SKUs you need, with the UPCs, and we will tell you what is available instantly - and what we can help you create within days or weeks.


We pride ourselves on making it as easy as possible to integrate ShopAR functionality. Right now it’s just 6 lines of code. We have plugins that work for all major e-commerce platforms.

Insights and Analytics

We’re working closely with our partners at Amplitude to provide a super high performance, realtime set of analytics and insights to help see how 3D and AR are helping you achieve improved engagement, superior add-to-basket and conversion rates - and also vastly reduce your return rates.

A team like no other

The ShopAR platform has been crafted by the team at DeepAR. We bring together decades of unparalleled experience from MIT, Snap, Meta, Instagram, Dreamworks and so many other amazing enterprises who are leading the charge around 3D and AR. We are focused on continual improvement, cutting-edge tech and surreal experiences.

We’re just getting started and we have huge ambition to make AR and 3D easier, cheaper and universal. Please get in touch to see how we can help you …

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