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7 March 2024

Key Takeaways from the IAB/MRC Augmented Reality Advertising Measurement Guidelines - Overcoming Fragmented Data Interpretation in AR Advertising

DeepAR is an active member of the IAB and is leading the effort with other task force members like Meta, Snap and Niantic to improve the implementation and measurement of Augmented Reality advertising.

Earlier in February we celebrated the launch of the IAB/MRC Augmented Reality Advertising Measurement Guidelines. We anticipate a paradigm shift in how advertisers approach and evaluate AR campaigns. DeepAR's involvement as a contributor in shaping these guidelines highlights the company's commitment to advancing the industry and creating a standardized framework that fosters innovation.

The guidelines not only provide a roadmap for marketers but also underline the importance of collaboration in navigating the uncharted territory of AR advertising. As AR technology continues to evolve, these guidelines will serve as a foundation for future developments, ensuring that the industry adapts and thrives in the dynamic world of augmented reality.

"We believe that AR has the potential to redefine how brands connect with consumers, and standardized measurement is key to unlocking its full potential. Being part of theย  IAB and MRC task force allowed us to contribute our expertise and insights to create guidelines that will benefit the entire industry,"ย 

- George Berkowski, CEO DeepAR / ShopAR

Key Takeaways

AR Experience Types

Diverse AR experiences, including Virtual Try-Ons, Visualization, World Effect, Self/Face Effect, and AR Games, are dissected based on user actions. Whether it's tapping, dragging, movement, expressions, or environmental conditions like weather or time of day, each triggers a unique AR encounter.

Defining Sessions

The guidelines meticulously define an AR session, spanning from initiation to conclusion and tracking specific events like camera start/stop, user activity start/stop, and user interaction start/stop. A noteworthy inclusion is the termination of a session if inactivity exceeds predetermined thresholds. AR impressions and ad activity measurements are expected to align within this session, with the additional capability to segregate impressions by individual ad units upon request.

Unique Challenges and Considerations

As technology propels AR advertising into uncharted territories, the guidelines stress the importance of ongoing research. Adaptability to emerging trends, such as dynamically serving a variety of products in a single AR impression, is emphasized. These guidelines position themselves as a compass.

There are unique challenges posed by AR experiences. Factors such as time bounds affecting engagement and the recognition that AR metrics differ from standard digital activity due to its interactive and immersive nature are acknowledged. The concept of Engaged-Through conversion, complete with its unique attribution window, adds depth to the nuanced considerations.

In Conclusion

The IAB/MRC Augmented Reality Advertising Measurement Guidelines are a cornerstone in the evolution of advertising, and DeepAR is at the forefront of this transformative journey. We anticipate a future where AR campaigns are not only visually stunning but meticulously measured and optimized.ย 

As trailblazers in the augmented reality realm, DeepAR strives to go beyond the ordinary, offering a spectrum of AR advertising services that redefine brand engagementย  Elevate your brand presence by turning passive observers into active participants.

DeepAR Advertising

At DeepAR, creativity knows no bounds. Our AR advertising creative services are designed to spark curiosity, foster connection, and leave an indelible mark on your audience's imagination. Join us in this transformative journey, where innovation meets impact, and brand narratives are redefined in the enchanting world of augmented reality.


Read the full AR Report from the IAB: โ€‹โ€‹https://www.iab.com/insights/iab-mrc-augmented-reality-measurement-guidelines/

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