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How Bloobloom increased conversion by 10% with Glasses Virtual Try On

12 November 2023

Impact of AR

Bloobloom, a fast growing and successful eyewear brand, with over 600 eyewear products and 6 stores in London increased their online store’s conversion rate by 10% (that’s visit to sale) using the ShopAR 3D and AR commerce platform. Additionally, those users who engaged with AR, were 50% more likely to add a product to their shopping cart and purchase.

They will now use ShopAR to support an international roll out of their products using Virtual Try On (VTO).

The Story 

BlooBloom - ShopAR Customer

Bloobloom’s vision is to reinvent the eyewear industry's standards. Dissatisfied with the existing market choices, they aimed to create eyewear that intertwined self-care with societal care. Driven by values of honesty and authenticity, Bloobloom draws inspiration from small-scale craftsmen and independent growers, emphasising the importance of hand-crafted quality and genuine dedication to one's craft.

Bloobloom had successfully mastered the complex logistics of at-home try-ons at scale but was eager to explore ShopAR's Augmented Reality try-on and 3D capabilities. A successful integration would reduce operating costs, increase profit and open the doors to international expansion.

The Goal - Make it easier for customers to try-on glasses at home

Bloobloom offers an amazing “try it on at home” service, but they were seeking to optimise the cost of this feature with a virtual experience. After experimenting with numerous other options on the market, and not being satisfied with the level of realism and tracking, Bloobloom turned to ShopAR. ShopAR was able to work directly with Bloobloom team to refine the quality, transparency and performance to a level where they were very happy with the results. 

Due to this initial success, Bloobloom is now expanding its use of Virtual Try-on to unlock sales across international markets.

From Fares Manai, Co-founder and CEO, Bloobloom

Working with the ShopAR team was fun and straightforward. They were responsive, engaging and focused on making the integration a success at every stage of the process.

The team is constantly innovating, improving accuracy and performance. We are excited to trial their new ‘TrueSize’ technology that provides a ‘true-to-life’ fitting technology so you know exactly how the frames will fit your head. We look forward to an ongoing partnership.

The Solution

ShopAR is an end-to-end platform for AR and 3D commerce. It allows retailers to build their own 3D asset collections quickly, easily and at substantially reduced cost. It then allows for efficient management and control of those assets at scale (typically in the thousands of SKUs). ShopAR also integrates easily into all major ecommerce platforms with only 6 lines of code, and comes with a powerful analytics suite.

Specifically for eyewear retail, ShopAR technology offers real-time facial measurements, ensuring accurate and “true to life” rendering of frames. This innovation enables retailers to offer a dynamic online shopping journey using 3D and AR, leading to enhanced conversions and reduced returns.

After reviewing all the existing Glasses AR try-on platforms, Bloobloom decided to use ShopAR. This was for the following reasons:

  • Quality of the 3D frames - more realistic than any other competitor

  • Tracking performance and accuracy - more precise, fast tracking on people’s faces (including a variety of head sizes and shapes)

  • Superior customer support and flexibility - the ShopAR team was passionate about the implementation, was happy to work with Bloobloom and their tech requirements and delivered the implementation and models in record time

Bloobloom - PDP - Product Details Page - The Pilot

Products used: 

  1. 3D Asset Creation 

  2. 3D Asset Management Platform

  3. Virtual Try-On Plugin

  4. Analytics 


Bloobloom has seen hugely positive results from their integration of ShopAR: 

  • Overall website conversion went up 10% 

  • People who used the ShopAR Virtual Try-On solution were 50% more likely to convert.

ShopAR has already made a meaningful impact on their results and the ShopAR team are now working closely with them to deliver even more. 

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